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Everything from the Basic tier +

Weekly Q&A sessions to get your situational questions answered by an expert. Boost your D365 F&O Functional Consultant skillset with valuable insight from peers and experienced professionals.

  • Join a 30-minute interactive Q&A session recurring every Wednesday at 5pm UK time
  • Ask your questions in a safe environment, sheltered from the stress of an ERP project
  • Learn the “behind the scene” of what makes a capable Functional Consultant
  • Can’t make a session? Read the summary and access the recordings of any previous session

What can you expect with the standard tier?

Being a D365 F&O Functional Consultant is not just about the software. You interact with users on a daily basis and every word and action builds you reputation. But too many consultants forget about this and improvise. You can spend years figuring out what works and what doesn’t with painful lessons, or you can ask somebody who has already walked the path.

Increase your confidence

Real stories and lessons from experienced consultants will teach you what (not) to do in an ERP project

Improve your tactics

Discover practical insight and tactics to use on your day-to-day job as a Dynamics 365 F&O Functional Consultant

Save time and effort

Avoid years of trial and error to figure out what works on your own – learn from others and build your reputation

Frequently asked questions

Is the Standard tier right for me?

The Standard tier is right for you if you have situational questions that can be answered by senior consultants. For example, you might want to know how to gather requirements effectively, or how to deal with a difficult stakeholders.

The Standard tier might not be suitable for you if you are looking for guidance on the software (e.g. how to raise a purchase order) or if you represent an organisation looking for advice on an F&O implementation. In the latter case we can assist as IT Fandango, but not via The Learning Hub. Reach out to our founder Marco on LinkedIn to discuss your needs as an organisation.

What questions can I ask during the Q&A sessions?

Anything related to being a D365 F&O Functional Consultant, but mainly situational questions. For example, subscribers in the past asked the following questions:

– How do I test a functionality when there is not enough time to do it?
– How do I get up to speed when I’m the newest consultant on an ongoing project?
– As a contractor, should I take on a second project?
– How do I uncover hidden requirements from end users?
– How should I deal with a stakeholder who turns down all my suggestions?

The Q&A session is reserved for you to get insight from senior professionals in the industry, so we encourage you not ask how-to questions about the software (e.g. how to raise a purchase order). There is plenty of free material out there for this.

What if I can’t make a Q&A session?

You can access the recordings of any session you miss. You can also access all previous Q&A sessions as long as you stay subscribed to the Standard tier or higher.

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Looking for something else?

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All of our packages come with the support and services that you need to ensure that you get started on the right foot – with no hidden extra costs. All you have to do is to pick the one that works for you



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A D365 F&O sandbox environment, permanent and accessible 24/7

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Everything from the Standard tier +

A complimentary Focus call with Marco and an actionable report

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