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Every other week we will share with you a common problem we face as Functional Consultants and insights on how to solve it. Still unconvinced? Check out some examples below.

Confused by the many names of the Dynamics 365 family?

You’re not alone. Microsoft changes names often and we can only hope to keep up with (spoiler: we don’t).

So here is a full glossary of all Dynamics applications…

Why shouldn’t you learn F&O during an implementation project?

For the same reason why you shouldn’t learn to drive a car on a motorway. It’s technically possible, but not recommended.

An ERP implementation is messy, which means that…

Should you worry about effective communication?

Of course you do! Lack of alignment and poor communication will squander effort and create rework.

There are several ways to avoid this. First of all, you should…

What people say about us

  • Deborah Curry

    D365 F&O System Analyst, United States

    The Learning Hub’s sandbox subscription has been a game changer for myself, for my journey into the D365 F&O career. With this amazing opportunity I am able to keep my current skills fresh, learn new ones, as well as improve on them. Not only does the sandbox gives me space to exercise and grow, but it gives me a space to show future interviewers my skills first hand! I highly recommend everyone getting into this career path or already in it explore this opportunity and see what it can do for you!
  • Rendijs Revins

    Senior D365 Consultant, United Kingdom

    The Learning Hub gave us access to a sandbox environment, which is essential to get new consultants to train. It enabled my sister who is new to D365 to land a job with Microsoft Partner. […] As a consultant, you are judged by what you don’t know. So if your soft skills and other bits are good enough, if it is all about bringing as much of technical value as possible. […] Since normally D365 licences are expensive, having access to an environment can save you a lot of money.

  • Jeno Jegathees

    D365 F&O Finance Functional Consultant, Switzerland

    Marco’s expertise in the Dynamics Finance and Supply Chain Management world is unmatched. He guided me through my first steps with ease and provided invaluable insights. Our 1:1 resolved a challenging issue that I couldn’t tackle alone. Hours of testing caused confusion, but our session provided a clear analysis and solution. Having fresh perspectives and expertise was incredibly helpful.

  • Seth Campbell

    D365 F&O System Administrator, United Kingdom

    Signing up with The Learning Hub has been one of the best choices I have made regarding my D365/AX career. […] Marco’s expertise is vast and being able to tap into this was an additional benefit, as I was not fully sure where my career path was heading but after our weekly conversations, I was able to pinpoint the areas that needed improvement and implement an action strategy.

  • Peter Beentjes

    Freelance D365 CE Consultant, Netherlands

    Marco helped me in the jungle of Dynamics solutions. From my Dynamics CE experience I am eager to understand the F&O side to better service my customers. […] To get a general understanding of basic fundamentals how F&O is structured I joined Marco’s training platform. He was able what no one else could, he gave me the practical and most useful understanding, what F&O is and what I needed to know.

  • S.A.

    Dynamics AX Consultant, Eastern Europe

    The presence of a Demo base helps a lot in preparing for interviews and restoring knowledge if you had a certain break in working with a specific software. This is much better than just reading the documentation, as you can simulate a certain scenario and see how the system works. And, in general, most people are “visual” and therefore it is easier to remember the form in software than dry text.

  • Emma Beckett

    D365 F&O Test Manager, United Kingdom

    Having access to well-maintained F&O environment has been an excellent prop in training myself and my team when it comes to Dynamics. We have used the training sandbox extensively since signing up with The Learning Hub and will definitely continue to use this aid to offer better knowledge and expertise to our clients.

  • Saurabh Bharti

    Microsoft D365 Lead Consultant, India

    The accessibility of the environment was amazing, with good speed and stability. The environment was available 24/7 with standard demo data which helped me in my learning journey and exploring D365 F&O. Thank you so much IT Fandango for this fantastic service.

  • Andrea Baldan

    Infor Consultant, Italy

    Marco was able, thanks to some 1 to 1 sessions, to provide me with all the information I needed, answering my questions and clarifying my doubts. He introduced me to the product in a gradual way through an overview of the various functionalities, which then allowed me to deepen independently.

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