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For your D365 F&O implementation


Focus call


Single purchase

maximise your results with direct mentoring

Accelerate your learning with a 45-minute 1:1 call with Marco for advice tailored to your situation and an actionable report after the call. Leverage a decade of experience in the industry to speed up your professional growth.

When it comes professional development, nothing beats a personalised consultation focused on you and you only. Direct mentoring from an expert can save you a lot of time and effort.

Your situation is unique, and so is your report

After advice, action must follow. To make sure that nothing is not lost or forgotten, the Focus call includes an extensive report. Review your starting point in the context section, revisit the key elements in the topics section, and follow Marco’s recommendations at the end with a list of action points.


Leverage a decade of experience in the industry

Why taking the slow road of trial and error for years, when you can learn powerful lessons directly from someone who has already walked the path?

  • Access Marco’s experience directly – that’s a decade in the ERP industry at your service
  • Ask any questions you might have about your specific situation and circumstances
  • Receive a personalised report after the call with a summary and actionable points

What are the benefits of a Focus call?

Sometimes major decisions can be difficult to take without the right support. This is why nothing beats direct 1:1 advice from someone who already walked the path you want to follow. Whatever your circumstances and whatever challenges you are facing, Marco’s recommendation will boost your chances of success.

Leverage on the expert

Outperform your peers by learning directly from Marco’s experience

Receive tailored advice

Get clarity on your situation, discuss your blockers, and learn how to beat them

Follow up with actions

Use your personalised report to take action and focus on what really matters

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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to purchase a Monthly subscription to have a Focus call?

No, they are two separate services. The Focus call is a one-off purchase that do not result in a recurring payment and gives no access to the subscribers area. Vice versa, the Monthly subscription is a monthly subscription that gives access to all our resources, but it does not include a 1:1 consultation.

Does the call follow a specific framework?

No, because it is highly personal and the advice is tailored to your situation. Generally speaking, Marco will always ask you what you want to achieve, where you are now, and what your blockers are. Then he will provide the right advice based on your circumstances and answer any follow-up questions. Finally, after the call you will receive a personalised report with actionable advice.

What questions can I ask during the Focus call?

Anything you want about your professional development and how to become a better D365 F&O Functional Consultant. Depending on your situation, we might also discuss other topics beyond D365 F&O and consultancy (e.g. other Microsoft applications, life priorities, etc.).

Accelerate your learning

A 45-minute 1:1 call with an actionable report at the end. Leverage a decade of experience in the industry.