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Become a better consultant with our resources

Being a D365 F&O Functional Consultant starts with mastering the system, but it’s a lot more than that. It’s about how you think and how you deal with complex situations. Our resources teach you this and more.

  • Practice on a D365 F&O tier 1 sandbox environment, permanent and available 24/7
  • Watch 30+ recorded Q&A sessions to leverage lessons from senior consultants
  • Discover recommended third-party material with our curated content
  • And more…

Access all our resources with one click

Everything you need is available for you in the dashboard of our subscribers area. Practical instructions to access our D365 F&O environment, our archive with articles and videos, and all the options to manage your account and your subscription.


Hands-on learning with a sandbox environment

Mastering the system is the first step, so to practice at your own pace without restrictions.

  • Access a ready-to-use, always-on D365 F&O tier 1 sandbox environment
  • Enjoy the latest features with our regular updates to the latest general availability version
  • Learn with Contoso data, or be bold and configure your own legal entity from scratch
  • Compliment your study for certifications with practical knowledge of the system

Why is knowledge of D365 F&O beneficial?

System knowledge is the first pillar of an ERP Functional Consultant. You cannot learn to drive without a car, and you cannot master D365 F&O without using the software. Proving that you know the software increases your chances of getting your dream role in the industry.

Multiply your opportunities

Showing you actually know the software lowers the barriers of entry and gives you the edge in any interview

Prepare for the certifications

Increase your chances of passing any D365 F&O certification with practical system knowledge

Master the ERP system

Play with all the features of Dynamics 365 F&O and replicate any scenario that comes to your mind


Learn from the experts to deal with real-life scenarios

Being a great Functional consultant is not just about knowing the software. It’s about how you deal with complex situations.

  • Access an archive of 30+ Q&A sessions that provide detailed answers to over 100 questions
  • Watch the recordings or read the digests* for a summary of the key points
  • Save years of trial and error to figure out what works by leverage the advice of experienced consultants
  • Learn about different topics, from resistance to change, dealing with difficult users, common causes of ERP failure…

(*digests are not available for all sessions, but we are gradually adding them to the archive)

What benefits can you expect?

Mastering the system is not enough to become a top D365 F&O Functional Consultant. You interact with users on a daily basis and every word and action builds you reputation. You can spend years to figure out what works with painful lessons, or you can learn faster from those who have already walked the path.

Increase your confidence

Real stories and lessons from experienced consultants will teach you what (not) to do in an ERP project

Improve your tactics

Discover practical insight and tactics to use on your day-to-day job as a Dynamics 365 F&O Functional Consultant

Save time and effort

Avoid years of trial and error to figure out what works on your own – learn from others and build your reputation


Gets insights and practical advice with 5-minute readings

You don’t need hours of study to gain benefits. Our newsletter simplifies complex topics into short articles.

  • Access all previous 10+ releases of our newsletter in the archive
  • Learn about different problems: why good FDDs matter, how to manage requirements, how to say no to users…
  • Three actionable tips in every newsletter to solve the problem at hand

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Frequently asked questions

Do you provide training material, such as step-by-step exercises?

Unfortunately not, we only provide access to a training environment. We made this choice because step-by-step training guides are very time consuming to create and maintain, which would further increase the price of the subscription. There is plenty of free quality material out there, so we included the best ones for you in our curated content section of the subscribers area.

Will I get access to LCS, Power Platform, Office or other Microsoft applications?

Not at this stage. We focus on Dynamics 365 F&O, so at the moment we do not support anything else. You may be able to use complementary features of F&O (including third-party add-ins) if they can be made available on a tier 1 environment. But we do not provide any technical support for them, so they might not work as expected. If there a feature that you would like us to officially support, reach out and let us know.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription from the subscribers area. You can cancel it at any time for every reason, but we do not provide partial refunds. This means that, once you cancel, your subscription will expire immediately and you will lose access to our materials and to the Dynamics 365 F&O sandbox environment.

You have control — buy now, cancel anytime

No hidden costs, no fixed commitment, no surprises. Cancel anytime for whatever reason.