How we support your D365 F&O implementation

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per month

24/7 access to a D365 F&O tier 1 sandbox environment to practice at your own pace. Lay strong foundations in your path to become the best D365 F&O Functional Consultant you can be.

  • Access a ready-to-use D365 F&O tier 1 sandbox environment without any time restriction
  • Learn step by step with Contoso data, or be bold and configure a completely new legal entity from scratch
  • Studying for a certification? Go beyond the theory with practical knowledge of the software

What can you expect with the basic tier?

System knowledge is the first pillar of an ERP Functional Consultant. You cannot learn to drive without a car, and you cannot master D365 F&O without using the software. Hands-on experience gives you better chances of passing any certifications. Proving you know the software increases your chances of getting your dream role in the industry.

Multiply your opportunities

Showing you actually know the software lowers the barriers of entry and gives you the edge in any interview

Prepare for the certifications

Increase your chances of passing any D365 F&O certification with practical system knowledge

Master the ERP system

Play with all the features of Dynamics 365 F&O and replicate any scenario that comes to your mind

Frequently asked questions

Is the Basic tier right for me?

The Basic tier is right for you if:

– You want to improve your knowledge of the D365 F&O software,
– You want a safe environment to learn about new features without risks, or
– You are studying for a certification and want to maximise your learning with the system.

The Basic tier might not be suitable for you if you already have access to an environment (e.g. via your employer), or you are not ready to use D365 F&O without guidance and supervision.

Is the D365 F&O sandbox environment permanent?

Yes! You will not lose your progress after you log out. We update the environment to the latest version as soon as it’s available, which causes a few hours of downtime but has no effect on your data. Some day the sandbox will become so worn out that we will have to delete and re-create it, but we’re very far from it now. In any case, you can use standard F&O data management functionality to export your data at any time, should you wish to do so.

Will I get access to LCS, Power Platform, Office or other Microsoft software?

No. We are a small team and we focus on D365 F&O, so at present we cannot support anything else. You may be able to use complementary features of F&O (including third-party add-ins) if they can be made available when the sandbox environment is running. But we do not provide any technical support for them, so they might not work and you will be on your own.

You have control, buy now, cancel anytime

No hidden costs, no fixed commitment, no surprises. Cancel anytime for whatever reason.

Looking for something else?

Flex up or flex down. The choice is yours.

All of our packages come with the support and services that you need to ensure that you get started on the right foot – with no hidden extra costs. All you have to do is to pick the one that works for you



per month

Everything from the Basic tier +

Weekly Q&A sessions with the IT Fandango team for live learning

Watch 30+ recorded Q&A sessions on a variety of topics

Get priority access to our expertise

Strengthen your D365 F&O Functional Consultant skillset with valuable insight from peers and experienced professionals.



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Everything from the Standard tier +

A complimentary Focus call with Marco and an actionable report

Preview access to all future features of the Learning Hub

Share our vision and shape the future of the community with us

Support the project! Receive personalised 1:1 advice to supercharge your growth as a D365 F&O Functional Consultant.

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